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Who are the Skeevers?

Scheming Skeever Imports and Trusty Skeever Emporium are both trade guilds located in Elder Scrolls Online NA Server. Trading guilds first, both guilds accept membership from any faction.

Scheming Skeever Imports

Scheming Skeever Imports (SSI) is the more serious of our two guilds and works to maintain our trader in Belkarth, Craglorn. Officially affiliated with the  Ebonheart Pact.

We are committed to securing a guild trader and creating fun events for our members. 

Trusty Skeever Emporium

Trusty Skeever Emporium (TSE), is a very casual trading guild who can usually be found in Necrom. Officially affiliated  with the Daggerfall Covenant.

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