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Skeever membership policies between the two guilds are slightly different.

Scheming Skeever Membership Policy

We have always prided ourselves on being a great trading guild for casual players, but we’ve had to adjust membership requirements due to the very high cost of guild traders. We still feel that we are an extremely affordable option for more casual players while still having a great trader! 

1) Required Monthly Contribution
Members must make a 10k per MONTH contribution. If done as gold, it needs to be 10k or more in ONE bulk deposit (i.e. NOT spread out over the month). All of the same sources for contributions count as before: raffle tickets, gold donation, auction purchase, item donation, or auction donation. (Officers, Fortune 500 or Generous Skeevers are still exempt.)

2) Maintain Active Membership
In order to be considered active, two of the following three things must be true.

The member:

     A) must have been online within the last 14 days
     B) must have sales or purchases within the last 14 days
     C) must have made their current monthly contribution

Monthly Member Rollover
Member rollover will happen at the end of the month and at that point any members who still have the rank of  Endangered (i.e. haven’t made the monthly contribution), will be removed.

Removed members can always request a re-invite once they are back in the game.

New members need to establish themselves as contributors. We give them 7 days to do this.

Promotion Policy
All new members get put into a category called “Recruits”. This is so we know who to send a welcome mail to. Once “Recruits” get the welcome mail, they are promoted to 7 Day Skeeverling. The contribution due by date will be posted in the member’s guild note.

Once a Skeever has made a contribution in the current month, they are promoted to Golden Skeever  (meaning they are Good as Gold or for folks unfamiliar with that idiom, they are good for the month). Making this change has greatly reduced the amount of time doing promotions AND makes sending the monthly contribution reminder mail a much easier process. Membership officers use guildbank data to promote members, thus the contribution needs to be 10k or more in one bulk deposit directly in the guildbank.

Founding 50 members were folks who joined the weekend we started the guild and were limited to the first 50 people who joined. And congrats to the folks that are still with us all these years!

Generous Skeevers are people who give time, energy, and donations to help keep the guild vibrant. For each 100k in donations, a member will get 30 days of generous status. We keep track of all of the donations worth more than 1k and will promote/demote as needed. Raffle winners that choose to donate their prizes back to the Skeevers will receive donation credit for that. You also can donate money directly to the guild by making sure that deposited amounts in the guild bank are not a multiple of 1000. We keep track of that too! 

A major perk for being a Generous Skeever is that anyone holding the Generous rank will receive a +1 Raffle bonus should they happen to win a prize. This means that if you win a Group 4 prize, a Generous Skeever will be bumped up to a Group 3 prize.

Fortune 500 Skeevers are members that have bought/sold in excess of 500k in the previous 30 days. This rank potentially changes every week. If someone loses Prolific Skeever status, they are demoted back to the Golden Skeever.

Officers (aka Shastirra’s Eyes) are Skeevers who take on the real work of helping the guild in various ways.

Hopefully this helps you understand our promotion/demotion system for Scheming Skeevers. We are trying to balance our need to raise more funds with staying a casual trading guild. Questions should be forwarded to @SaSa2112.

Trusty Skeever MemberSHIP Policy
All new members are put into a rank called “Recruits“. After a welcome mail, they are promoted to Skeever.

Activity Policy
Membership requirements are two-fold for Trusty Skeevers:
1) Members must have sales and/or purchases within the last 14 days.
2) Members must have been online within the last 14 days.

There are no minimum requirements for buying/selling.

Members who donate money or purchase raffle tickets will be promoted to “Generous Skeever” for 14 days from their deposit. ALL gold donations and raffle ticket sales MUST be purchased through guild bank deposit.