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Code of Conduct

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In a perfect world, there would be no need for such explicit codes, but as a fluid community, often with new members, we want to be perfectly clear about the expectations and cultural norms of the guild.

Member Code of Conduct

Our guild is a vastly diverse community and includes members who are

  • from all over the world.
  • part of the LGBTQ community.
  • single, couples, and poly.
  • women, men, intersex, and trans.
  • all age ranges – from teens to retirees.
  • representative of a wide range of religious (or non) beliefs.
  • racially diverse.
  • representative of a wide range of political beliefs.

As such, the following conduct is NOT condoned in either guild chat, voice chat, or in targeted messages to members.

  • Racism – This is demeaning people based on their race.
    • Look – we don’t CARE if you call your friends the N-word or if your version of the N-word ends in an “a” instead of an “er” – it is absolutely not appropriate. Think of the N-word as a tool – and while members of the black community have reclaimed the word within their community, it cannot be ignored that the N-word has been used as a weapon against people of color by white people. 
    • Any form of racial slurs will not be tolerated.
  • Misogyny and Misandry – This is demeaning people based on sex – either men or women.
    • Calling a man a “pussy” is ultimately demeaning to women, because you are saying that it is a put down to a man to be called a woman – implying that women are somehow lesser than men. Think about it.
  • Homophobia – This is demeaning people based on real or perceived sexual orientation or other gender non-conformity.
    • Saying “That’s gay” or “You’re gay” as a pejorative is not acceptable.
    • Using terms such as “fairy,” “faggot,” in a disparaging or negative way.
  • Bigotry – This is being intolerant of others based on your own personal opinions, beliefs, and prejudices. This often encompasses racial, ethnic, or religious groups.
    • Making disparaging comments about other religions. 
    • Using inflammatory religious language. 
    • Using anti-religious slurs.
  • Sexual Harassment – This is uninvited and unwelcome verbal comments of a sexual nature. This also includes engaging in ERP (Erotic Role Play) without a person’s permission. 
    • Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean that inappropriate overtures are acceptable.
    • Guild chat can get rowdy and bawdy – but that does not invite members to direct sexual comments AT specific members.
  • Rape Language – This is using the word “rape” as a term of game domination..
    • We can guarantee that you personally know someone who was actually and really raped – whether you know it or not. Using the word “rape” in the gaming realm serves to lessen the impact of what that term REALLY means in real life. Please find other ways to talk about dominating (or being dominated) by others in the game. 
  • Politics – Many of us play the game to escape. As everyone has their own take on this, please refrain from political talk.
    • Sometimes things come up from the real world. But if someone asks you to stop discussing it in guild chat, please honor that request. You can always continue the discussion through Private Messaging IF the other person is agreeable.
  • Trolling – This is antagonizing other members by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.
    • If you want to troll – go to zone chat. Do not troll in guild chat. Again, many members join guilds in order to be social WITHOUT having to deal with trolls.
    • This also includes name calling or other derogatory language.
  • Drama Llamas will be put out to pasture, because nobody wants to deal with that.
  • Harassment of Officers doing their job will not be tolerated.

We often give people fair warning when they cross the line or are about to cross the line. We don’t like to kick members indiscriminately. However, we do feel that in order to maintain an accepting guild community, people need to think about how what they say might affect others. If this code of conduct is too constraining, then there are hundreds of other guilds in which to be a part. We believe that being in the Skeevers is a privilege, not a right – and as such, we will take steps to protect our community and our members.

Trials/Dungeon/Events Decorum

Please allow the Event Leader to describe/lead the group/fights in full before jumping in to help. It is not helpful having information presented out of order. Also, please do not countermand instructions given by the leader in the middle of an event. You may wish to talk to the leader in private or after the event with your concerns. Thanks!

Leadership Covenant

Our officer team is dedicated to working with our members to create a guild which embodies and promotes our guild values. To that end, our officers affirm the following:

  • I will do what I say or let others know if I can’t.
  • I won’t make promises I know I can’t or won’t keep.
  • I will treat others with compassion and respect.
  • I will deal with conflict honestly and constructively.
  • I will listen and act with an open mind.
  • I will lead and serve with respect, reverence, and heart.
  • I will ask for help if I need it.