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We understand that people sometimes hate FAQ pages. Really. But when you’re running two guilds with nearly 1000 members and the normal turnover of an MMORPG, then you get a lot of the same questions over and over. And over. It takes a lot of time to send out personalized messages to each person. SO, we’ve tried to put all of the answers to the majority of our correspondence here. Which leads us to our…..

#1 Question: Why doesn’t SaSa respond to me personally when I make a donation or deposit raffle tickets?

A: Sasa does her best to answer mails and acknowledge gifts, but between both Skeever guilds and working full-time, she has very limited time to do a lot of personal correspondence.

Q: How do I buy a raffle ticket?

A: You can purchase tickets by depositing gold directly into the guild bank. Tickets need to be in a multiple of 1000.

You can purchase multiple tickets with one deposit. So for example, if you wanted to buy 5 tickets you would just deposit 5000g.


Q: What’s the difference between buying a raffle ticket and a donation?

A: If you purchase a raffle ticket, you are entering a drawing where you can win prizes. A donation can be gold or items. For more information on raffles, go here. For information on donating items, go here.

When donating gold through the guildbank, please make sure that it is NOT in a multiple of 1000 (aka does not end in three zeroes).  Any gold deposit ending in 000 will be counted as raffle tickets. DONATED items must be directly mailed to SaSa.


Q: How can I tell if I bought a ticket or not?

A: You will have to write SaSa and ask. We have the guildbank gold deposit information hidden. BUT – you can tell if you are current with your monthly guild donation based on your rank. Golden means your good to go!


Q: Can I buy raffle tickets ahead?

A: SaSa doesn’t take raffle tickets ahead because all raffle ticket data is collected through an addon – plus she simply does not have the time to track information that far ahead.

Any tickets received by 8:00pm ET on the raffle draw date are included in that raffle. Tickets received after that are recorded for the next week’s raffle – so the tickets you send/deposit will be counted toward the raffle within that given time frame.


Q: I won the raffle, but I didn’t get my prize. What’s up with that?

Trusty Skeever Answer: You will eventually get your prize in the mail! We promise.

Scheming Skeever Anaswer: As far as we know, our raffles are pretty unique. Instead of just getting sent some random stuff, which may or may not be useful, you have the chance to pick your own prize. Once you get a mail indicating you are a winner, you have 30 days to claim a prize. (Please makes sure to read the directions carefully.) Winners are also posted in Discord. Directions for claiming prizes can be found on the Raffle Prize Bank page.

Please note that it can sometimes take time for you to get your prize since it is customized.


Scheming Skeever Question: I keep seeing people with (+1) or (Plus 1) by their names in the raffle list on Discord. What does that mean?

Short Answer: Generous Skeevers get bumped up a level when they win – having a choice of potentially better prizes.

Long Answer: As a member of other trading guilds, SaSa noticed that some folks seemed to be winning the vast majority of prizes. In fact, most guilds offer raffle tickets as a reward for making donations. But what seemed to be happening, in her opinion, was that this meant that the richest players in the guild just ended up exchanging stuff – but through the raffle. So often winners didn’t actually get prizes for buying tickets, but for donating stuff. Since most of those guilds also had a set number of prizes, that also exacerbated the problem. We didn’t want to go down that path, as our guild needs gold to actually bid with, so it also didn’t make sense to allow people to get tickets for donating things. (And is it a donation if you’re receiving something back for it like raffle tickets?)

We wanted to be thoughtful about how the guild might give back to generous donors without affecting the raffle odds. This is where we came up with the idea to reward our generous donors by upgrading their prize(s), should they enter and win (like everyone else) – and still not affect the base odds of winning for each ticket purchased (1:500)!

Of course, if a player buys a LOT of tickets, they may win multiple prizes – but at least each ticket has the same odds of winning as every other ticket.


Scheming Skeever Question: I won a raffle prize and am picking motifs. I don’t have enough points to buy what I want. Can I purchase/trade for others in the prize bank?

A: No.  Prizes are for the exact amount or under. SaSa and Aparp (and other Skeevers) get most of the motifs by farming various events. There is a lot of time and effort invested in providing a wide range of motifs. For this reason these are only available AS prizes.


Scheming Skeever Question: I won multiple prizes in a raffle. Can I combine the points?

A: No. For more about our prize restrictions please see our raffle policy at the top of the raffle prize bank page.


Scheming Skeever Question: How does auction credit work if I pick it as a raffle prize?

A: If you should win a raffle and chose an auction credit for your prize, then you can use any or all of that amount as credit/payment towards any winning auction bid. Should you have credit in excess of your bid, the balance will carry over and you can use it towards another winning bid in the future. There is a spreadsheet pinned to the top of the Discord raffle channel with those records.


Scheming Skeever Question: How does the guild store shopping spree prize work?

A: SaSa will send you the money for your shopping spree and once you received it, you should go spend it in the Skeever store and then let her know when you’re done. You do not need to send her a list of things purchased, she has an addon that will allow her to see your purchases and then she can mark your prize as complete! Folks who claim this prize and do not use if for Skeever guild store shopping will be ineligible for this prize in the future.


Q: Do I need to be present to win?

A: Nope. All winners receive a mail PLUS it’s also posted in our Discord server. Winners have 30 days from the notification date (in-game mail) to claim their prize. Sometimes SaSa is really tardy about getting those mails out. It doesn’t matter when the raffle happened though – you still get 30 days from when she sends the mail.


Scheming Skeever Question: Do I need to get the in-game mail before claiming my prize?

A: Nope. If you see that you are a prize winner, you can claim your prize right away. PLEASE include the date of the raffle and the Group number of the prize that you won along with your prize request!


Scheming Skeever Question: I saw that I won, but I didn’t get a mail. Where is it?

A: It could be that SaSa sometimes is a little late getting out mails. Don’t worry, you still get 30 days to claim your prize. HOWEVER, if you use an add-on that automatically deletes mails with attachments, you could be deleting your prize notification mails without knowing it. In order for mails to stick around in your mail box, SaSa will send an attachment. If you are one of these people, then you will need to watch the winner’s lists on Discord.

Q: Why didn’t I get credit for my donation? I sent you stuff.

A: Unless the individual item is worth 1k or more (except 5 or 6 maps and motif pages) you will NOT get credit. Do NOT send SaSa cheap, common stuff. You’ve basically just passed on junk for her to deal with. If you want to donate items, please carefully read our donation wish list page.  

Q: I’m sure I deposited gold into the bank and now you’re telling me I owe the guild money! Why don’t you have a record of it?

A: There are a number of reasons this could be true.

  1. You deposited it into the wrong guild bank – THIS HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME! Please make sure you’re in the correct guild when depositing. Sometimes the game lags when you’re swapping between guild banks as well.
  2. The bank transaction lagged – Sometimes you hear the sound of the gold exchanging and you close your window. BUT, often the system lags and the actual MONEY transaction doesn’t go through. Keeping an eye on your gold balance while making transactions can help with this.
  3. You closed the guildbank window too quickly- Again, you thought the transaction went through, but you closed the window before it did.
  4. SaSa screwed up – Sure, it definitely happens because SaSa is only human. But it’s rarer than you would think, particularly since we now export data from the game to input into the raffle spreadsheet.
  5. ZOS

In any case, most of the time there is no record of your deposit. Please don’t shoot the messenger. SaSa promises that she’s not trying to trick you out of your 10,000g per month.

Q: I’m sure I already paid this month, but here’s my money anyway….

A: Thanks! We appreciate the contribution! Just so you know, generally members get a warning note, at the end of the month. Life comes at you fast! Some people are really offended when they get the note, while some are grateful to be reminded. SaSa can’t please everyone. DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY! There are 500 members in the guild. That’s a lot of people and we need to be mindful of time constraints.

Scheming Skeever Question: How do I pay my guild dues?

A: There is no specific contribution called “dues”. It’s either a donation or a raffle ticket.

Scheming Skeever Question: I just gave you money, and now I’m Endangered!

A: Guild membership now rolls over the first of every month. All Golden Skeevers are demoted to Endangered (Month). This simply means that you need to make your monthly contribution. As soon as you make your monthly contribution, a member of the membership team promotes you back to Golden Skeever….where you will stay until next month’s rollover.

Why this way? There are a limited number of ranks that we can use. Also, it’s very convenient to structure ranks so that SaSa can send targeted mails to specific ranks – like welcome mails to recruits, reminder mails to endangered Skeevers, etc. 

SaSa encourages everyone to contribute at the beginning of the month. That way our guild is filled with Golden Skeevers! 

Skeevers who are endangered at the monthly rollover (8pm ET on the last day of the month) get reaped. (aka removed from the guild)

Scheming Skeever Question: Why do new people have to make a contribution within 7 days of joining?

A: We figure that seven days is long enough for someone to figure out whether or not the Skeevers are the right fit for them.

Trusty Skeever Question: Why do new people have to buy or sell within 7 days of joining?

A: Since we don’t have any other requirements, we need members to buy/sell right away. If they aren’t buying or selling, then we need to give member spots to people who will.

Scheming Skeever Question: Can’t I just pay ahead to keep my membership?

A: No. It’s a lot of extra book work for SaSa to keep track of contributions and raffles so far in advance. And the Skeevers need a consistent revenue stream to be able to pay for traders every week. Sorry folks, you’ve got to do it monthly.

The ONLY way to pay ahead is by becoming a generous Skeever – but it costs 100k a month to do that. For example:

100k = 1 month, 200k = 2 months…..700k = 7 months, etc. Note that this does not protect you if you become inactive in the game.

A reminder here that raffle tickets ARE NOT the same as donations. So if you buy 500k worth of raffle tickets, you do not get any type of generous ranking for that.

You can also get the Generous rank for 30 days if you volunteer to be a Trivia MC!

Q: I’m going to be gone from the guild for (insert reason here), please don’t boot me!

A: So, it’s not just a contribution policy, but an activity policy as well. Once you haven’t been in game for 14 days, you may get removed from the guild IF you haven’t either paid your monthly contribution or have had sales and/or purchases within the last 14 days. (For Trusty Skeevers it’s simply being online and having sales and/or purchases.) There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. We need to maintain a roster of active players, particularly, since in the guildfinder, the number of active players is something that shows up. If we have inactive people on the rolls, it hurts our recruiting efforts.
  2. Some people come back after an extended absence, a lot don’t. Then it becomes nebulous on how long to hold someone’s spot.
  3. Given that we give returning members priority, it’s literally NO BIG DEAL to leave and then come back. It happens ALL. OF. THE. TIME.
  4. IT IS NOT PERSONAL IF YOU GET REMOVED FOR INACTIVITY. Remember – we have nearly 1000 members.

HOWEVER – if you know you’re going to be on vacation for a month or out because of a medical condition, make sure to edit your guild note with your anticipated absence dates AND fill up your guild store (and if you’re a Scheming Skeever, make sure you’re Golden for the month) and SaSa will mostly likely keep you in.

So, if it should happen that anyone gets booted from the guild – please just drop a line through Discord or in game to @SaSa2112 and she will make sure you get an invite. It will be much faster if you just do it in-game!

Scheming Skeever Question: What’s the difference between contributing vs activity?

A: Contributing is when you support the guild financially. This must be done every month, after the initial contribution. Activity is when you are actually in the game. It is possible for those two events not be aligned. 

You can be removed from the guild any time EITHER condition is not met.

Q: What’s a member note?

A: If you go into the guild roster, you will notice that some members have a note. Notes for Endangered, 7-Day Skeeverling, and Recruit can only be edited by the officer team and we keep info in there to help manage guild membership. Otherwise, members can edit their own notes.

Q: I saw a guild chat announcement about THE REAPING. What the heck is that?

A: This is just our silly way of announcing that inactives and non-contributors are getting removed from the guild.