Welcome to Skeevers Online

7th Skeeversary Week Celebration!

Hey Skeevers! It’s THAT time of year again!

It’s the Scheming Skeever’s 7th Skeeversary & Trusty Skeever’s 7.5 Skeeversary!!!

And do we have a week of Skeeversary fun for you all!

First, we will be doing a special joint raffle week! Starting on Monday, November 15 @approximately 8pm each day – we will be giving away a 1000 Crown Shopping Spree. We will do one of these a day from Monday through Friday! So that’s FIVE Thousand Crowns throughout the week. On Saturday this culminates in a SPECIAL drawing where we will be giving away some BIG prizes including a House of Your Choice valued up to 7000 Crowns! So you’d be best to enter early and often! The earlier you enter, the more chances you have to win – BECAUSE ONCE YOU’VE BOUGHT TICKETS – THEY STAY IN THE ENTIRE WEEK FOR EVERY DRAWING!

Saturday Raffle Drawing Prizes Include:

  • A House of Your Choice valued up to 7000 Crowns! (SaSa2112 & Aparpalyptic)
  • Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid (Slickseal)
  • Imperial Motif Book (Sadie2909)
  • 12 New Life Charity Writs (enough to earn the Crystalfrost Skin)
  • 10 Skeletal Marionette Parts (enough to earn Momento)
  • Psijic Ambrosia Recipe & 2 Perfect Roe
  • 1200 Soul Gems
  • 7 individual drawings for THE Shivering Cheese! (because, duh, Skeevers!)

And MORE….we will be adding prizes as the week goes on….Please contact @SaSa2112 if you would like to donate!

But that’s not ALL!

Other Events

All times US EST (AWST+13)

Mon @8pm – Public Dungeon Run in Northern Elsweyr w/psi-pisi

Tues @9pm – The Economics of Tamriel 101 Q & A w/SaSa2112 (Discord)
Did you ever wonder how economics work in ESO? Come along and have all of your questions answered!

Wed @8:30pm – World Boss Wednesday in Summerset w/Geekmeowt

Thurs @8pm – Thirsty Thursday vTrials w/AeriannaFilauria

Fri evening TBA – Skeever Guildhall Party & JHartEllis Twitch Stream
Get dressed up in your Holiday Finest and Join Us!

@noon – Slammin’ Saturday nTrials (nRG) w/Granamere
@8:30pm – Double Trivia w/SaSa (in SSI Guild Chat)
@9:30pm – Naked Skeever Romp w/tarlwyn

Sun @noon – How to Make Gold 101 Workshop w/SaSa2112 (Discord)

Thanks to everyone for making both of our Skeever Guilds so great! Check Discord and HERE for latest info and updates!