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Acquiring Sales Stock

So you’ve been selling in the guild store and the gold is rolling in. But now you have a whole new issue – keeping your guild stores full. There are a number of ways to acquire sales stock.

Questing/Crafting Writs/Pledges/PvP

You can get a large number of quality items by just playing the game. Make sure to loot the bodies as you go. You can sell the items as is. Although as a crafter I am a big fan of deconstructing, make sure that you’re selling the most valuable ones! If you do deconstruct, you can also sell the mats that you get from the deconstruction as well. 


Yep, put some skill points into obtaining crafting hirelings. Everyday, mats will show up in your mailbox ready to sell!


I have certain farm loops that I’ll run in order to acquire specific items for sale. Farming is a term that has to do with going from resource node to resource node. Don’t forget to include chests in your farming runs. They can contain good items as well. If you are planning on doing this seriously, craft yourself up a farming set that has all of the speed bonuses possible. Best sets granting Major Expedition include: Adept Rider, Coward’s Gear, Fiord’s Legacy,and Ring of the Wild Hunt. Jailbreaker will grant constant Minor Expedition. There are other sets that grant Major/Minor Expedition, but usually have to be triggered by some other action like drinking a portion, killing/damaging an enemy, or casting a damage shield.


You can create the items yourself and sell them in the store. This is good if you’re working on leveling up a crafting area. For a little extra money, try crafting set items and put those up for sale instead of just standard items.

Looting & Stealing

Looting is taking stuff from containers, crates, bags, etc without having to worry about guards. For example, Hollow City is an awesome looting zone, as there are no guards and you can take to your heart’s content. However, in most places you have to steal the items. The trick here is to not create a bounty that is worth more than what you are stealing. You can steal items from various containers, pickpocket or by murder. Launder stolen items to create sales stock for the guild store. I find looting to be much faster than having to steal, because with stealing you have to sneak and with looting you don’t have to take any extra steps before selling stuff.


Flipping is buying items from other players and then reselling those items at a higher price. You can buy items through guild and zone chat, but more commonly by shopping other guild traders. Of course, you have to find really good deals in order to make any money, and don’t forget to calculate that you will have to pay a listing fee and taxes on what you resell.

Hopefully reading this article has expanded your repertoire of obtaining sales stock!

Happy Selling!